who are midnight hombres ???


 We are a Canadian, Mariachi influenced, rock show with storytelling songs about life and love with  a modern Tex-Mex flavor.


    Our live shows are entertaining both musically and visually mixing original tunes with some revamped mariachi and classic rock cover songs.  


 Midnight Hombres are the perfect band to add musical "variety" to any Festival or Event !!!

We serve up one spicy  dish of entertainment !!! 




It's Your Festival,                            July 1st

Sidewalk Sounds                            July 19

Concession Street Festival

Cactus Festival                              August 18th

Gore Park Promenade                August 28


 The Casbah,                                     May 2019 

Staircase Theatre                         April  2019

Clifford Brewing Co.,                March 2019


Mesa,                                                    May 2018

Mezcal  Tacos N' Tequil              May 2018

Maracaz Cantanerie,                   May 2018

The Casbah                                        April 2018



APRIL '19 

April has been very busy writing new songs, learning some new cover songs, our show at The Staircase Theatre and booking a number of summer 2019 festivals. We welcomed our new bassist and past bandmate Steve MacAndrew to  the band as well!! Spring is in the air !!! 

MARCH  '19

So much fun rockin' our show at Clifford Brewing Co. Big thanks to the show host Sam Heller?, Brad Clifford, Al & Jeremy!!!

Also big thanks to family & friends old & new who whooped it up with us!! Also a huge thank you to bassist Chris Mancini who is moving on to new musical adventures, may the wind stay on your back my friend !!

FEB. '19

We are pleased to welcome our new guitarist Eddie Paton !!!

JAN. '19

We're baaaacck !! After a siesta turned into hibernation,  MIDNIGHT HOMBRES are back on track !!! We are writing all new songs, adding some cover tunes(mariachi style of course) and booking shows !!!  Arriba !!!

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